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Personal Reference Form              

            Personal Reference Form                                      Professional Reference Form



All Clergy are welcome!

MCIMF recognizes and embraces all the ministry gifts and callings in the Body of Christ;

Minister, Elder, Chaplain, Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher, Missionary, Overseer, and Bishop.



Categories of Membership

Clergy Connection

Any Clergy, regardless of existing affiliation is welcome to join as an individual member.

The Individual Member is one where the Clergy does not affiliate their ministry with MCIMF.

Individual Members have the same privileges as all other members.


Alumni Associate

(The Alumni Association of MCBI)

All the Master's Commission Bible Institute alumni, regardless of their graduation status, are de facto members of the MCIMF by virtue of their affiliation with the MCIMF official school of ministry.


Covenant Covering

The most inclusive classification of affiliation which consists of Member Clergy who affiliate both themselves and their ministry to the full relationship connection of MCIMF.

Members in this category might possess Credentials from MCIMF, but not necessarily.

Covenant Covering members look to the relationship with MCIMF leadership to encourage and advise.